Victorian Championships (November)

  •  Under 12 team of Layla, Amy, Zara, Maya, Hannah and Isabella: 2nd on vault and 1st on bars, beam, floor and overall
  •  Over 12 team of Matilda, Mia, Ava, Stella, Ebonie and Tara: 1st on bars and beam, 3rd on floor and 1st overall.

Eclipse Invite (July)

  • Level 3 -  Vault: 1st. Bars: 2nd. Beam: 2nd. Floor: 1st. AA: 1st. 


Judges Invite (July)

  • Level 3 Navy - Floor: 3rd. AA: 4th.
  • Level 3 Aqua - Floor: 2nd. AA: 5th.


Niddrie Invite (August) 

  • Level 3 Aqua - Vault: 1st. Bars: 1st. Beam: 1st. Floor: 1st. AA: 1st.
  • Level 3 YellowBars: 3rd. Beam: 2nd. Floor: 3rd. AA: 3rd.


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