Gymstar Program (Level 3 - 10) Girls

The next stage after Recreational. Gymnasts train between 2 - 6 hrs a week. Our Gymstar Program is a semi-competitive gymnastics program. Where outside Read more

Recreational Gymnastics (Girls & Boys) 5-12 yrs

For beginners 5 - 12 years. Our recreational Gymnastics Program is designed to develop body control and fitness. A wide variety of gymnastic activities Read more

Squad Gymnastics (ALP Level 0-2) Girls

An accelerated learning program for gymnasts identified as talented or promising. Girls who are prepared for the commitment of longer training hours and Read more

Squad Gymnastics (ALP Level 3-6) Girls

Limited and Unlimited groups, both groups compete in State competitions held from July through to the end of November. Gymasts train between 8 - 15 hours Read more

Squad Gymnastics (ALP Level 7-10) Girls

Limited and Unlimited groups. These gymnasts compete state and country wide, performing full routines to the rules as laid down by the Gymnastics Australia Read more


First Committee Meeting for 2018
We invite parents to come along and support our Niddrie Gymnastics family....
Labour Day - No classes
Club Championships - Sunday 3rd June
For our Recreational, Gymstar & Levels 1 - 3 gymnasts.   All...