Gymstar Program (Level 3 - 10) Girls

The next stage after Recreational. Gymnasts train between 2 - 6 hrs a week. Our Gymstar Program is a semi-competitive gymnastics program. Where outside Read more

Recreational Gymnastics (Girls & Boys) 5-12 yrs

For beginners 5 - 12 years. Our recreational Gymnastics Program is designed to develop body control and fitness. A wide variety of gymnastic activities Read more

Squad Gymnastics (ALP Level 0-2) Girls

An accelerated learning program for gymnasts identified as talented or promising. Girls who are prepared for the commitment of longer training hours and Read more

Squad Gymnastics (ALP Level 3-6) Girls

Limited and Unlimited groups, both groups compete in State competitions held from July through to the end of November. Gymasts train between 8 - 15 hours Read more

Squad Gymnastics (ALP Level 7-10) Girls

Limited and Unlimited groups. These gymnasts compete state and country wide, performing full routines to the rules as laid down by the Gymnastics Australia Read more


Next Committee Meeting - All Welcome
Due to the school holidays, the July meeting will be held on Wednesday Jul...
Niddrie Invite - Level 3 - 6
The Niddrie Invite for Levels 3 - 6 will be held on the Weekend of 21 - 22...